Swiss Watches

Axion Swiss watches are designers and manufacturers of fine Swiss pilots’ watches keeping the traditions of Swiss watch making at its heart.

Engineered to the highest standards Axion Pilot watches are designed with an absolute passion to create the the very best in precision and reliability. Our range of Pilot watches are designed to be totally accurate, highly visible and look fantastic.

Axion pilot watches are a collaboration between the best British designers and the best Swiss horological craftsmen and women to make a unique collection showcasing the expertise from both countries.

In designing our range, we asked pilot’s from all disciplines what would make the ideal pilot’s watch and we incorporated their wishes into our pieces.

Axion pilot watches are made to endure the hostile environment of unique working conditions, but are also made to look good on the wrist at all times.

We sought the very best watchmakers in Switzerland to assemble our innovative collection and all of our pieces offer the ability to show dual time zones shown simultaneously. This is of great benefit not only to pilots, but to anyone who travels across different timezones the world over.

Wearing an Axion watch means that you can concentrate on the other things in life, confident that your timepiece will deliver on our promise to make the very best Swiss made pilot’s watch we can.

Axion watches ‘for all time’